Home Energy Audits in Upland.

You could have the highest efficiency appliances in the world and still be using far more energy than is actually required to power your home. A home energy audit will help you determine areas in your home that could be updated or improved to enhance your energy efficiency. Call Klaus & Sons Heating & Air Conditioning in Upland at 909-982-5698 to discover more, or book an appointment online.

Professional Home Energy Audit

Our team provides home energy audits in Upland and the surrounding area. We’ll run a series of tests and inspections to figure out how your home can be more efficient. The audit begins by checking the outside of your home for a snug fit around the walls, joints and eaves. Next, we’ll make our way inside and check for proper insulation in the attic as well as testing your furnace and water heat efficiencies. In addition, we’ll inspect the seals and connections in your duct work and make sure warmed or cooled air isn’t escaping. A final technique that could be used in a home energy audit is called a blower door test. This will help to identify areas where air is getting in, measure the scope of leaks and use infrared cameras to reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation.

Our audit will show you where problem areas are and how you can fix them. It might be as simple as changing your light bulbs or updating your appliances. We’ll help you save energy and create a more comfortable, efficient home. Home energy audits may also be offered by the utility company in Upland – simply call to learn more.

DIY Home Energy Audit

Want to get a brief glimpse of your family’s energy usage? Simply gather your last 12 months of energy bills to determine when you’re spending the most money. Compare your costs to similar35] homes using the ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick.